Fallinn Wolff

With the first album called “Først” (2015), Fallinn Wolff creates a fairytale of stories and melodies. The musical journey brings us to a magical world, to a creature called Fallinn Wolff. There is more than just beauty, there is also an ugly side to the world of dream pop, yes even weird things happening there.

The piano playing singer- songwriter (Linn Meissner) and the cellist (Beate Wolff) like to experiment with sounds, when making the stories of their songs come alive. Always trying to avoid the obvious pop clichee in their music. That is why they like to travel with a clanking, red toy piano and a multilingual cello.


A duo formed by Singer and violin player Kassandra Papak (Berlin) and Guitar Player Tim Coehorn (Arnhem, NL). A big surprise will be their debut album coming in spring 2015.


Independent pop band with an experimental wild style – sounds like a drawerful of toxic raindrops, soldiers, seashells from Japan, broken jackets, weapons of silence, ashes in the rain, western, dubstep, little girls and gigantic bears.

Parfum Brutal

A tender violin, the rattling plastic and metal of the drums, an old Fender Rhodes. This is the base of the band from Germany. Parfum Brutal – a name which indicates contradiction and stands for symbiosis at the same time – creates a sound between condensed and catchy melodies and bulky compositions. Kassandra Papak’s vocals are enclosing all those contradictions and commonalities. Agars for one unique, homogeneous universe growing in your auricles.

»Vast Mountains round Bâlea Lake«, the band’s second album coming in september 2012 on Woda Kolonska unifies songs between collages, extensive vocal parts, catchy pop, kettle drums and synthesizers.