October 5th 2015 May we introduce... a new artist called FALLINN WOLFF

The piano playing singer- songwriter (Linn Meissner) and the cellist (Beate Wolff) like to experiment with sounds, when making the stories of their songs come alive. Always trying to avoid the obvious pop clichee in their music. That is why they like to travel with a clanking, red toy piano and a multilingual cello.

April 9th 2015 ALBUM OUT NOW! Palvine releases »Folie à deux«

Palvine has just released their first album called »Folie à deux«.

You can order a physical version or download at Bandcamp or by visiting the artist’s website.

October 29th 2014 May we introduce... PALVINE from Berlin / Arnhem (NL)

We’re happy to announce that our new artist Palvine is going to release their first album on Woda Kolonska upcoming spring.
Their first single „Bide“ will be coming this fall.

May 12th 2014 NAUSICA has officially released their EP "THE MOLECULES FALL CLOSER"

The band is proud to present their new EP “THE MOLECULES FALL CLOSER”!
Get it here online or order the Physical Edition (8,- +shipping costs) directly from us!

November 14th 2013 WODA KOLONSKA Label Night in Dortmund


Finally you can see and listen to Nausica (Arnhem, NL) and Parfum Brutal (Berlin, Köln, Dortmund) nearly simultaneously.
The concert will take place on November 14th 2013 at Sissikingkong, Dortmund.